AOTY 2010
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Author:  Rud [ Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:59 pm ]
Post subject:  AOTY 2010

Well folks, the year is drawing to the close, so I'm gonna go ahead and post my top albums from this year.

My (very biased) Album of the Year:

Circa Survive's Blue Sky Noise


I am by no means claiming this album is objectively the best release from this year. The lyrics could use quite a bit of fine tuning and the instrumentals are not the most impressive. However, it's an immense record; while it's not a long album, the musical content itself is heavy. Each track ebbs and flows into the next with grace, creating an album that evolves emotionally through the tone of each track as it progresses. And of course, there's Anthony Green. If you enjoy his vocals, he's the fucking man, if not, you pretty much despise him. There's a lot I could say about this album and why it's my favorite release this year but you'll only get so much from me shoving my opinion down your throats.

Runners Up (In No Particular Order):

Nas and Damian Marley's Distant Relatives


This is going to be one of the oddest descriptions I will give an album but the best way to describe this album is Africa-centric reggae-rap. Nas, the rapper most known for his album Illmatic, regarded as an essential work of hip-hop, teamed up with Damian Marley, the most famous son of Bob Marley, and it's rather fantastic. A lot of the songs deal with the struggles of the African people, yet they're fantastic none the less. Highly recommend this album even if you're not a fan of either genre.

65daysofstatic's We Were Exploding Anyway


I can't pin this album into one genre. It's instrumental post-industrial, electronic dance-rock if I had to describe it. The drumming and percussion in general is the driving force behind the music in this release. The album as a whole grows in a sort of organic form as it progresses further and further through each track. I'm continually having the issue of not being able to do these albums justice in a quick write-up. Again, I'd recommend just giving this a listen if you have any remote interest.

Fang Island's Fang Island


Fang Island describes their own sound as "everyone high fiving everybody." I want you to stop and think about that for a second. Now I want you to imagine leaping into the air, hand extended, flying at another person doing the same in slow motion. As your two hands strike, forming the most perfect union, this album is the soundtrack that would be playing.

I have more to post later. I am just not writing my best descriptions for these albums and am really not doing them justice. Expect me to re-edit this post later with some better descriptions for these albums.

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